Paper & Pulp production
Polyacrylamide, Wet/Dry Strength agents are being used in paper production industries
Environmental Industry
The products for the wastewater chemicals support to clean and purify life sewage as well as deal with industrial effluent
Fishing facilities
Metal Halide Lamp is one of our main product to supply ASEAN and India. Also we can provide stablizer and hoders
Sintering for refractory 
Aluminum Oxide powder and METHYL METHA CRYLATE (MMA) are being used in construction and interior business
Semicoductors and Electronics
Rare metal materials can be used in semiconductor production process and electronics parts as electrodes and filament for UV curing system also W/Ni/Fe alloys frame, balls, weight to use in various electro devices
Measurement and analysis
Our SERS tool offers the highest sensitivity than any commercial products on the market. It also offers reliable reproducibility and excellent cost effectiveness.
Vehicle and the parts 
Our rubber to metal ahdesive performs extra ordinary on the vehicles and other machining/precision parts. The application is widly open to use for many purposes in various industiral fields.
Radiation Shield
Customized tungsten and nickel heavy alloys parts to protect from X, Gamma ray in medical/nuclear industries